Charity Car spring into action for Marie Curie

Posted on 16 March 2016 by Charity Car

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Putting on our top hats, shaking our money makers... no it's not the Charity Car work night out, we're collecting for Marie Curie and their Great Daffodil Appeal! This massive collection event is held every year to highlight the charity's incredible work and raise money to fund their famous nurses - caring for people with any terminal illness. 

The whole Charity Car team was so excited Marie Curie joined us at the beginning of March and it just happened to coincide with this big event. We thought what better way to welcome them as a partner and learn about their fundraising than have a go ourselves! So Liz and Alison signed up online (which is very easy to do if anyone is thinking of doing the same) and found a slot in the centre of Nottingham. Liz tells us how their day went…

As the weather's been a bit on the wintery side we were prepared for all conditions, but feeling rather jammy, we were directed to a spot inside Waitrose - so not only could we ditch our coats and stand in the warm, we were even offered a coffee by the lovely staff! 

I was also glad the effort I'd made to raid my wardrobe for yellow would actually be of use... you can appreciate the co-ordination in this rather cheery shot of Alison and I stood near the exit to the store.

1- Charity Car staff collect donations for Marie Curie

Neither of us really knew what to expect - we've never done anything like this before - but we can honestly say it was a truly worthwhile experience. Most importantly of course we know that we raised enough to fund a few hours of vital care for people at the toughest point in their life, but also, it was a wonderful personal way to raise that money. We had been told in Marie Curie's helpful tips for collecting that it was a good idea to smile at people and make eye contact, and that really wasn't hard... whether it was the massive yellow hats making people laugh (which we did keep forgetting we were wearing and wondered why we were causing a stir even outside the store!) we got a great reaction from most people and we both had aching cheeks by the end of our session.
For those two hours everything became centred around our collection tins and I can't begin to describe the excitement when a gentleman reached into his wallet and selected a crisp note! (Alison and I had started to get a little competitive just before this donation and I had to stop myself from shouting across the Waitrose entrance... which probably wouldn't have been in the best taste). That man alone funded a quarter of an hour of essential home nursing care.


Both of us really enjoyed meeting the people who took the time to stop and talk to us as well as give us any change they had to give. A very smart elderly gent who had already donated change to Alison as he entered the store gave the same amount to me as he left, saying: "It's only fair my dear - I gave the same to your friend over there".  

The most touching moment came from a lady who stopped thoughtfully in front of us, paused and said that she'd lost her sister-in-law to cancer last year and knew first-hand how wonderful Marie Curies nurses were. As you can imagine she didn't hesitate to give a donation and we were left rather moved. Many other lovely people, obviously in a rush, struggling with shopping and even carrying sleeping children, still reached in their pockets and gave their spare change to make a difference.

Liz and Alison from Charity Car gather donations for Marie Curie

Thank you to all of you and to everyone else that donates to the Daffodil Appeal this month. Alison and I will be wearing our Marie Curie Daffodils with pride.

You can donate your old car through Charity Car to help fund Marie Curie's work 

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