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Registered charity number: 1139077

Through a range of services We Stand supports all non-abusing parents and carers whose children have been sexually abused.

We Stand (formally known as Mosac) was formed when four mothers whose children were sexually abused came together and drew strength from each other’s shared experience and realised the need for a similar service for others.

The charity now has over 25 years of experience, and from a single helpline in one of the founder’s houses the charity has grown in size and knowledge to provide vital specialist services for families and professionals. We Stand operates a national Helpline and Advocacy & Specialist Advice services, the charity’s face to face counselling, play therapy and training is run locally.

We Stand believes all non-abusing parents, carers and families should receive comprehensive support to live with the consequences of sexual abuse and to aid recovery. The charity’s unique services offer practical and emotional support to enable families to achieve and sustain an improved quality of life by rebuilding confidence, alleviating isolation, promoting inclusion and empowering them with the skills to safeguard themselves and their children. We Stand also provides information for parents who have questions about family and criminal law processes so they have a clear understanding.

We Stand empowers parents to help them rebuild relationships with their child and support their child through crisis. To achieve this the charity provides one-to-one and group workshops covering issues from ‘dealing with your child’s sexualised behaviour’ to ‘dealing with your child’s anger’. Your old car donation could help fund these important sessions.

Funds are also needed to help We Stand break the silence surrounding child sexual abuse and raising awareness through training and consultancy. The donation generated by your old car could help the charity provide specialist training to professionals working in areas such as social services and education. The training equips professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to deal with issues such as signs and symptoms of abuse and safeguarding legislation.

In 2017/18 We Stand responded to 689 calls for help, assisted 344 families through its Advocacy Service, referred 56 callers on to its Counselling service, supported 30 young people through Play Therapy and provided training to 20 parents, 21 volunteers and 39 professionals.

Donate your car to We Stand

We Stand relies entirely on donations, so your old car could help to provide this range of essential services to families in crisis.

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