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Registered charity number: 1083024

Whoopsadaisy is a small, Sussex charity dedicated to helping babies and children with physical disabilities reach their full potential.

Whoopsadaisy was established to provide free Conductive Education to children with cerebral palsy and other motor conditions so that they could benefit from this special programme, which helps each child overcome the everyday challenges they face step-by-step and enables them to reach their maximum independence and confidence.

Whoopsadaisy began with its first Parent and Child Group in 2008 for just two children. With support from the community, the charity has grown from strength to strength, now providing vital learning and support for around 50 local children and their families.

Your old car donation could help to fund Whoopsadaisy’s work and enable this small but vital charity continue to make a huge difference to children and their families living in Brighton & Hove and across Sussex. The charity’s services are only free because of the generosity of its supporters so your car donations really could make a huge difference.

Conductive Education was developed over 70 years ago and combines learning, play and interaction with rhythm and repetition so that each child achieves key milestones such as learning to sit up, stand or take their first steps.

Whoopsadaisy holds small, fun and interactive sessions in a warm and friendly environment, focusing on the needs and abilities of each individual child to not only develop their physical skills but also to build self-confidence, communication skills and independence. The results have been clear to see with many children making great progress and going on to attend mainstream school and lead a more independent life.

It is crucial that children continue to make progress when they start mainstream school, so Whoopsadaisy not only supports babies and young children but also offers a Saturday School and Holiday Clubs for 5-12-year-olds. The charity also provides advice and support for families, carers, teachers and schools, to help them better understand the needs of each child and maximise their learning and enjoyment at home and at school.

Whoopsadaisy has helped so many local children and their families and your old car donation can provide much needed funds for the future of this fantastic charity.

Donate your car to Whoopsadaisy Brighton

Your old car donation could help Whoopsadaisy to transform the lives of children with cerebral palsy and other motor conditions enabling them to achieve essential milestones, grow in confidence and have lots of fun.

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