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About Breast Cancer Support

Registered charity numbers: 1165394

Breast Cancer Support provides care and support for breast cancer patients worldwide who can’t afford medication or treatment.

In the UK, every 45 minutes, a woman dies from Breast Cancer. In poverty stricken countries, due to lack of education and funds, the mortality rate is even higher. By 2020 more than 1 million cancer cases will occur in Sub-Saharan Africa alone. While research charities are doing a fantastic job, Breast Cancer Support is working to make sure there is someone there for everyone affected by breast cancer, wherever and whoever they are.

Breast Cancer Support believes passionately that medicine and the ability to see a medical professional should not be a privilege, but a basic human right every man and woman should have regardless of their geographical location, race, age and background. So they’re fighting breast cancer in poverty stricken countries across the globe, to reduce breast cancer mortality worldwide.

The charity’s mission is simple: to save lives and end breast cancer forever in women and men. Your old car donation can help Breast Cancer Support to achieve this through education, treatment, emotional assistance and financial support across the globe.

Education – Finding and treating Breast Cancer at an early stage can save lives, so awareness of the disease and educating people about early detection is key. In poverty stricken areas of the world these services wouldn’t exist, so your old car donation could help to fund the provision of knowledge and equipment needed at this early stage that is essential to improving survival rates. In some countries there is even a taboo when it comes to talking about Breast Cancer, so simply giving a voice to the women and men that don’t feel they can raise concerns can be a valuable tool and help them get the treatment they deserve.

Treatment – Your old car donation will help Breast Cancer Support provide breast screening (mammograms) for free to women in poverty stricken countries. Funds may also be used to ensure medicine, medical expertise and medical equipment is readily available in these areas. The charity works with Ministries of Health to deliver effective programs that are sensitive to cultural differences and tailored to the specific needs of the community.

Emotional and financial support – No matter who you are or where you are, a diagnosis of breast cancer can be frightening and the treatment grueling. While the UK has a number of fantastic Cancer support charities, in other countries these services simply don’t exist. Your old car donation could help Breast Cancer Support supply professional nurses, therapists, counsellors and advisers to address concerns and give people and their families all the practical and emotional support they need, as well as financial assistance where surgery costs or lost earnings would otherwise leave families devastated.

Simply, your old car donation to Breast Cancer Support could help save lives.

Donate your car to Breast Cancer Support

Breast Cancer Support will use your old car donation to be there for everyone affected by breast cancer, wherever they are in the world.

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