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Donate your car to Whale and Dolphin Conservation

About Whale and Dolphin Conservation

Registered charity number: 1014705

Whale and Dolphin Conservation aims to protect whales, dolphins and their ocean homes across the world.

There are currently some 87 recognised species of cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises) in the world, facing a wide range of threats. Many populations are known to be vulnerable or endangered. Several species are in critical or immediate danger of extinction.

Over the past 20 years, WDC, Whale and Dolphin Conservation has supported around 185 conservation field projects in over 40 countries, spanning all major ocean regions and relevant river basins. Projects include scientific work, data collection, research, working to reduce threats such as ship strikes, plastic pollution and accidental entanglement in fishing nets, whilst campaigning and working to end orca and dolphin captivity.

All of WDC’s programmes can only be successful with the full support and participation of local people so the charity works closely with local scientists, conservationists, educators and other community members in each region, in order to ensure long-term solutions for both cetaceans and their often shared, environment.

Your old car donation could help WDC with any one of their projects around the world, from Harbour porpoise protection in Europe, supporting river dolphins in Asia and South America and the charity’s campaign to protect orca’s in the wild and captivity.

Another huge area of WDC’s work is to keep seas safe and healthy. This extraordinary charity has a true appreciation for the habitat of the creatures it is trying to protect – Planet Earth needs healthy oceans to survive and healthy oceans need whales, yet only just over 5% of the world’s oceans are protected. WDC knows that to protect whales and dolphins, our shared planet (and so ourselves) more oceans need protecting. Your donation will help WDC to continue its work with international bodies and governments to designate protected areas in the places whales and dolphins need them most.

Donate your car to Whale and Dolphin Conservation

WDC is thankful for every donation and will use funds from your old car to help keep all whales and dolphins safe and free, whether that’s a campaign to fight brutal dolphin hunts, stop whaling or end the cruelty of whale and dolphin captivity.

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