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About PANDAS Foundation

Registered charity number: 1149485

PANDAS Foundation is a UK-wide support service for families suffering prenatal/antenatal and postnatal illnesses.

Postnatal depression is experienced by parents after the birth of a baby. It’s a common problem, affecting more than 1 in every 10 women within a year of giving birth. It can also affect fathers and partners. Those affected are advised to seek help as soon as possible so that treatment can be sought to prevent the condition worsening, prevent the incidence of maternal suicide and reduce the impact on parents, their baby and family. With the right support, which can include self-help strategies and therapy, most women make a full recovery.

PANDAS Foundation is a UK-wide support service for families suffering prenatal/antenatal and postnatal illnesses. This may include, depression, anxiety, psychosis, obtrusive thoughts, compulsive and eating disorders experienced during pregnancy and after the birth of a baby.

The charity exists to support and advise parents experiencing a perinatal mental illness. This is a wide spread issue and eradicating the stigma surrounding perinatal mental illness is a significant part of the charity’s work. PANDAS also informs and guides family members, friends, carers and employers so they can support the person suffering in the best way they can. PANDAS’ overall aim is to ensure no individual, family or carer feels as if they are alone.

PANDAS Foundation offers a variety of peer to peer support services to ensure help is delivered in a way that suits everyone that may need support. Your old car donation would help to fund these vital services, all run by teams of trained PANDAS volunteers:

  • A helpline is open every day between 9am-8pm, where trained volunteers are happy to chat and direct callers to the right support.
  • The PANDAS Email Support team is available seven days a week, 365 days a year, responding within 24 hours. This is ideal for anyone who would like more information regarding perinatal mental illness or needs support for themselves, a partner, friend or colleague.
  • The PANDAS Social Media team is online seven days a week, keeping people supported throughout their darkest times. Those affected may converse and support others in a similar situation.
  • For partners and carers affected by perinatal mental illness, the PANDAS Dads volunteers are on hand seven days a week.
  • Finally, the charity’s Support Groups enable people to meet up with other parents affected by perinatal mental illness, while the PANDAS Support Group Leaders are on hand to provide information about local activities and services as well as offering support and advice.

As a small charity, PANDAS Foundation is reliant on the support of the public in order to continue running these vital services.

“PANDAS Foundation, would like to celebrate and express our deepest gratitude to the team at Charity Car and its generous customers, who so kindly have thought of us when generously donating to our cause. Pre and post natal depression in women and men is rising and with lack of support from over-stretched and under resourced NHS services, our charity is relied upon by thousands of parents year on year.
We hope to have a long and continued relationship with Charity Car and we rely on the kind donations from the public to keep going. We love the idea of recycling cars within this model and would again like to express how grateful we are.”

Annie Belasco, Head of Charity at PANDAS Foundation

Donate your car to PANDAS

With Charity Car, your old car donations could help to make sure someone suffering with perinatal mental illness does not feel alone and is able to receive the relevant support to aid their recovery.

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