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About Street Child United

A Street Child United Initiative

Registered charity number: 1144951

Street Child United is a global movement for street children to be heard so that they receive the protection, support and opportunities all children deserve.

Street Child World Cup and the Street Child Cricket World Cup are initiatives of UK registered charity Street Child United. The charity’s aim is to provide a platform for street children to be heard, to challenge their negative stereotypes and to promote the rights of street children.

Millions of children live on the streets worldwide. These are children escaping war, poverty, family breakdown, abuse, natural disaster and economic collapse. Instead of receiving support, they suffer injustice and are stigmatised, marginalised and mistreated. Their human rights are violated. They are denied the education opportunities they need to realise their potential.

Ahead of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, police were “rounding up” children living on the streets and dumping them outside the city. This cruel practice is seen in cities around the world. Street Child United saw that street children (and local organisations that support them) needed an innovative new platform where they could be seen and have their voices heard, so the first Street Child World Cup was born. The aim? To harness the power of sport to cut through stigma and transform negative perceptions of street children.

Events include:

  • Street Child Cricket World Cup
  • Street Child World Cup

Your car donation will help to ensure that street children’s voices are heard loud and clear and that they will have the chance to take part in these important events.

“I know from personal experience just what power football can have to inspire and change young people’s lives whatever their background or nationality. This is what the Street Child World Cup is all about and I give it my full support.”

David Beckham, former England Footballer

Donate your car to Street Child United

You could support this phenomenal campaign and improve life for street children across the world by donating your old car with Charity Car.

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