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About The National Coastwatch Institution

Registered charity number: 1159975

The National Coastwatch Institution (NCI) is an entirely voluntary organisation keeping a visual watch along UK shores.

Each station assists in the protection and preservation of life at sea and around the UK coastline.

Currently, 56 NCI stations are operational and manned by over 2,600 volunteers keeping watch around the British Isles from Rossall Point, Fleetwood in the North West, through Wales, to Hornsea in the North East.

Whilst high technology and sophisticated systems are aids to improved safety, a computer cannot spot a distress flare, an overturned boat or a yachtsman or fisherman in trouble. Other vulnerable activities like diving, windsurfing, and canoeing are made safer with visual surveillance.

NCI watchkeepers provide the eyes and ears along the coast, monitoring radio channels and providing a listening watch in poor visibility. They are trained to deal with emergencies, offering a variety of skills and experience and full training by the NCI ensures that high standards are met.

Over 280,500 hours of organised coastal surveillance were completed in 2019 alone, all at no cost to the public. Funding is managed by a Board of Trustees with a constitution agreed by the Charity Commission and relies heavily on local support.

Lesley Suddes, Chairman of NCI says:

“We have some 2,600 fully trained volunteers keeping watch, providing the eyes and ears along the coast, monitoring radio channels and providing a listening watch in poor visibility. In the event of an incident, they initially report to HM Coastguard and are trained to deal with emergencies and provide an essential front-line service to people working or enjoying the coast of the UK. We rely heavily on local support and we are thrilled that Charity Car will provide another method for our generous supporters to donate and keep our shores safe.”

“National Coastwatch is delighted to be in partnership with Charity Car and is truly grateful for the generosity of its customers. NCI is a 100% volunteer organisation dedicated to the preservation and protection of life, operating from stations around the coast as part of the national search and rescue family. All monies raised from the recycling of old cars goes towards the provision of equipment and the development of our stations and your generous donations enable us to maintain and expand our life saving safety capabilities.”

National Coastwatch

Donate your car to The National Coastwatch Institution

Donate your old car with Charity Car to support the National Coastwatch Institute and protect our shores.

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