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About Polbeth Community HUB

Registered charity number: SCO48906

Polbeth Community HUB supports the local community to bring about social change and empower local citizens to improve the quality of life within the local area.

Polbeth Community HUB in West Lothian, Scotland, is working to become the heart of the area – creating an active community that is inclusive to everyone and supporting individuals in social isolation.

Numerous projects are run from the HUB to improve locals’ quality of life, from its community fridge, accessible exercise classes, free counselling and many more services that nurture mental and physical well-being and a sense of community.

Old car donations would be a huge boost to help fund these services, and if you wish to turn the value of your recycled vehicle into support for this community using Charity Car, please click the button at the bottom of the page. However, there is a special request from Polbeth Community HUB as they are specifically in need of a working vehicle to break down barriers and reach local individuals in social isolation. A working vehicle will give the charity access to people in isolation to bring them to classes, to take them hampers of food from the community fridge, and to give them friendship. If you have a car that has enough life left in it to be used by the charity, please let our customer services team know direct by phone or email and we will put you directly in touch with the charity – they will be so grateful.

If you have an old vehicle that’s seen the end of its days Polbeth Community HUB will still be thrilled to receive your donation and it can help fund the charity’s important services.

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Donate your car to Polbeth Community HUB

Your old car donation could help support this small but powerful charity bring about real opportunity and change for people in its community.

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