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About Kids Need Both Parents

Registered charity number: 1161707

Kids Need Both Parents supports all family members during separation.

When a family is subject to separation, the emotional and physical strain can stem beyond immediate members of the family. Kids Need Both Parents offers a holistic type of care to support everyone involved such as Parents, Children, Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles.

The aim of the charity is to encourage shared parenting. To achieve this, Kids Need Both Parents provides mediation and many other support services to assist in minimizing disruption and upset experienced by all family members during separation. Your old car could go towards funding these important services – stabilising families and giving them a happy future.

Kids Need Both Parents therapy for children

  • Play therapy enables young children to explores his or her feelings through play and begins to make sense of their experiences.
  • Talking therapy is used for older children to provide one-to-one emotional support that is strictly confidential. This type of therapy encourages and strengthens relationships and provides an alternative way to expressing emotional issues as these children move forwards in life.
  • Specialist Bereavement Counselling results in children finding healthier ways to communicate, developing fulfilling relationships, increasing resilience and facilitating emotional literacy.

Kids Need Both Parents support for adults

  • Mediation is provided to support primary carers going through or having gone through separation. This effective service follows a number of stages to ultimately shape a long-term solution that is in the family’s best interests.
  • Family/Emotional Support is given to any parent or family member that needs to work through long term issues; identifying and tackling deep rooted issues that may be having an effect on everyone’s day-to-day life.
  • Parent Groups are provided to engage and encourage parents to identify and work through various emotional and practical difficulties regarding their children.

Donate your car to Kids Need Both Parents

All of these services can have a huge impact improving the lives of separated families. You can help this charity make those positive changes by donating your old car with Charity Car!

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