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About Hope And Play

Registered charity number: 1125609

Hope And Play is dedicated to helping add hope and play to the lives of children who are denied these most basic rights.

This charity was established because its founders believe that every child has the right to safely play, learn and grow in a family environment, in an atmosphere of happiness, love and understanding.

Hope and Play works in Palestinian villages and refugee camps, either under occupation on the West Bank and Gaza Strip, or in the surrounding countries. Your old car donations through Charity Car will enable Hope and Play to provide those children with a chance to play, live and learn. For example, Hope and Play has built playgrounds to give children places to play safely; it has bought textbooks, laptops, and other educational materials to help give children a foundation and hope for a positive future; it has put thousands of children through trauma therapy programmes. Hope and Play chooses to work as much as possible with local and grassroots organisations so that it can also economically help local families.

children walking holding hands

Your old car donation may also be used to help fund specific peaceful and legal actions to support people where there is an immediate humanitarian need. For instance, Hope and Play relocated 1500 children who were directly in the path of incoming tanks to safer areas, and gave them support, food and clothing there.

The children Hope and Play works with live in environments that don’t give them much room for hope or fun. The charity’s goal is to bring both of these essential parts of childhood into their lives. Your old car donation could make a huge difference, both physically and mentally, to children who may otherwise miss out on the hope and play every child should enjoy.

Donate your car to Hope And Play

Hope and Play will use your old car donation to improve children’s’ lives.

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