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Registered charity number: 1112734

PHASE Worldwide supports projects in some of the most remote and rural communities in Nepal and the world, improving health, education, and livelihoods.

PHASE Worldwide was founded in 2005 by a group of friends with a love for Nepal and has since raised millions of pounds to help change the lives of over 50,000 people every year in some of the most remote communities in the world.

While today PHASE Worldwide’s work is focused in Nepal, the charity plans to expand its support into other countries in the future. Your old car donation could help make this a reality for other remote and rural communities trapped in a cycle of poverty. In these areas, poor health, low levels of education and few livelihood opportunities keep people from being able to take control of their lives. Funds you help to raise can break the poverty cycle with targeted projects that fundamentally change how people are living.

PHASE Worldwide is just one third of the PHASE family. While PHASE Worldwide based in the UK and PHASE Austria carry out similar fundraising activities and project management, PHASE Nepal is a Non-Governmental Organisation affiliated with the Social Welfare Council of Nepal and has 160 Nepali staff ‘on the ground’. All three PHASE organisations work together to deliver health, education, and livelihoods projects across Nepal covering various urgent needs from malnutrition and rebuilding earthquake damaged communities to cervical cancer screening programs and the charity’s long-standing GP training program.

Photo of an adult holding a child sat in a doorway

Your old car donation will help to fund PHASE Worldwide’s project work, all implemented by PHASE Nepal. The charity quickly established that when local people have ownership of projects and are involved from start to finish there is greater impact and most importantly sustainability. The charity’s commitment to strengthening and expanding existing government services as well as giving locals access to knowledge, skills, and services means that projects make a lasting difference to the communities they work with year after year.

“PHASE Worldwide is delighted to be a partner of Charity Car, who enable their generous customers to recycle their used cars to help raise money for women and children living in Nepal. The Far West of Nepal is one of the most challenging places to raise a child, which is why we work to provide mothers with the skills and confidence they need to give their children a strong and healthy start to life. Thanks to valued partners like Charity Car, we can continue our vital work and change thousands of lives in Nepal every year.”

Emily Baldwin at PHASE Worldwide

Donate your car to PHASE Worldwide

PHASE Worldwide believes that everyone, everywhere, even those in the most remote places in the world, should have access to primary healthcare, basic education, and livelihood opportunities. Your old car donation via Charity Car can help the charity to deliver positive projects that have a lasting impact on some of the poorest and remote communities on earth.

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