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About SOS Children’s Villages

Registered charity number: 1069204

SOS Children’s Villages: Giving orphaned and abandoned children a loving home.

SOS Children’s Villages is a global charity, which provides orphans and vulnerable children with a stable and positive family life. Over 80,000 children across 125 countries have found a safe home and the love of an SOS mother in our Children’s Villages, and thousands more have benefitted from our schools, medical centres and family strengthening work

SOS Children’s Villages protects and improves the lives of children around the world, working with communities to keep fragmenting families together, and where this is not possible, building new families for children at risk. Your old car donation can help with that vital work.

When children lose their families and have nothing and no one, the SOS Children’s Villages ensures that they can grow up in a safe environment by creating new families. Headed by SOS mothers, families live together in unique SOS Children’s Villages, which are located in the heart of communities. Children are able to enjoy their childhood and learn skills so that they can develop into active, responsible adults. The charity establishes schools and medical centres to ensure that more children have the opportunity of an education and access to quality medical care.

Our family strengthening work provides practical support to families that are on the brink of falling apart, be it due to poverty, illness or an emergency situation. We provide children with their basic needs and parents with the skills they need to earn their own income. Within five years of our help, a family should become self-sufficient.

Every year, SOS Children’s programmes reach over two million people.

Donate your car to SOS Children’s Villages

Donate your car to SOS Children’s Villages with Charity Car. It won’t cost you a penny and we’ll arrange collection of your car at a time to suit you.

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