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About The Lighthouse Project

Registered charity number: 1135706

The Lighthouse Project Spalding is a unique community-based charity that runs several projects for young people needing support at different points in their life.

This charity is an amalgamation of vital support services for young people and their families in the community of Spalding. Your old car donation could go towards the work of any one of these fantastic projects run by this dedicated charity:

Karis House is a life changing home and programme that supports young women who have a serious desire to recover from issues that are controlling their lives such as self-harm, eating disorders, addictive behaviours, depression or the effects of abuse.

Lime House gives teenage mums with bumps or babies, who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, a home for them and their little ones. The charity provides a home with a family feel, support and teaching to help vulnerable women learn how to run their own life and become part of the community.

Home House provides supported accommodation for young people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. A home rather than a house is the key to its success, along with helping residents learn critical life skills to help them integrate into society.

The Lighthouse Project Shop & Café sells donated items, handmade crafts as well as food and drinks. It gives unemployed young people opportunity to experience a work environment and provides a community hub in the market square.

The Lighthouse Project Furniture Recycling Store gives unemployed young people the opportunity to experience a work environment, reselling upcycled donated furniture and creates a unique community hub.

Shining Stars is a lively parent and child group run by the charity’s qualified nursery nurse and provides experience for local young people. It brings together a diverse selection of families from across the local area.

Donate your car to The Lighthouse Project

An old car donation to The Lighthouse Project supporting any one of these fantastic causes could make a huge difference in someone’s life and to the community as a whole.

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