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About Deki

Registered charity number: 1137047

“Deki believes that everyone should have the opportunity to work their way out of poverty, to create a better future for their families and to have the chance to change their lives and the lives of those around them.” – Vashti Seth, Founder & CEO

Deki is a small Bristol-based international development charity, with a big impact.

Almost half of the world live on less than £1.50 a day with little hope of breaking the cycle of poverty. Working in Togo, Deki invests in the futures of rural families who are living in absolute poverty, this charity believes in empowering communities with opportunity. By providing ethical micro loans, alongside business management training, health and social issues workshops, and community development projects, Deki empowers entrepreneurs to create a more sustainable livelihood and to raise their families out of poverty.

Photo of women and children

They’re enterprising people with big dreams, but little opportunity. But with your support, Deki’s ambitious entrepreneurs have the opportunity to create an income and inspire change. By becoming more financially resilient, they can make savings, put food on the table, pay for their children’s education and be prepared for any unexpected financial shocks.

By generously donating your car to Deki, you make it possible for our charity to continue empowering rural communities to work their way out of poverty, and to create long-lasting, sustainable change. Because when you change one person’s life, they bring the whole community with them.

Deki’s vision is for a world of opportunity not poverty.

Donate your car to DEKI

Donate your car to DEKI with Charity Car. It won’t cost you a penny and we’ll arrange collection of your car at a time to suit you.

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