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About Marie Curie

Registered charity numbers: 207994, SC038731

Marie Curie provides care and support for people living with any terminal illness, and their families.

Marie Curie has supported those living with terminal illness for over 65 years, helping hundreds of thousands of people across the UK. The work they do is dependant on donations and your old car could fund one of their vital services ensuring people are cared for and supported during the time they have left.

Given the choice, most of us would want to die peacefully at home, surrounded by the people who mean the most to us. Marie Curie Nurses make that possible. This amazing service is free to the families being cared for and is available night and day in people’s homes, providing hands-on care and vital emotional support.

As well as the famous Marie Curie Nurses this wonderful charity provides many other services to those with terminal illness:

  • Marie Curie Hospices offer the reassurance of round-the-clock, expert care and support, in a friendly, welcoming environment.
  • A Support Line and online help from Marie Curie provides practical information about living with terminal illness, the nursing that can be provided, counselling services and complementary therapies.
  • Marie Curie Helpers work alongside its dedicated team of nurses to help people practically and emotionally, whether that’s to get to an appointment, run an errand, or just listen if a friendly ear is needed.

Donate your car to Marie Curie

With Charity Car, your old car donation would go towards these essential services and could truly help to provide a better life for people and their families living with a terminal illness.

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