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Registered charity number: 1106008

Alex, The Leukodystrophy Charity (Alex TLC) offers support and information to all those affected by a genetic leukodystrophy.

Alex TLC is the only charity in the UK that provides invaluable support and information to anyone affected by leukodystrophy.

Leukodystrophies are genetic, neurological disorders. There are over 100 types, and most are degenerative, causing symptoms such as impaired mobility, vision, speech and hearing, incontinence, inability to swallow and loss of cognitive skills. In some cases, this may mean a reduced or limited lifespan.

Alex TLC focuses on the similarities caused by these conditions, embracing all affected within a community of Tender Loving Care.

Photo montage of people with leukodystrophy.

Your old car donation to Alex TLC through Charity Car, could help produce information carefully curated to help people learn more about their condition and symptoms, as well as the services and treatments they can access. The charity gives one-to-one support online, by email, phone, zoom, or via home visits to ensure everyone can access the help they need to cope with their condition. Alex TLC also runs a Peer Support Network and community events – putting people in contact with others who are in a similar situation, which can be especially helpful for people with a particularly rare leukodystrophy. A larger car donation could even provide a grant to fund care, equipment or therapy not available through statutory services.

As well as practical help and support, the funds raised from your old car could help support the charity’s awareness campaigns and research initiatives that help improve best practice in prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of leukodystrophies. Alex TLC works with the NHS, medical specialists, universities, and pharmaceutical companies to ensure research and future treatments have the optimal impact for patients.

Donate your car to Alex TLC

Your old car donation could help Alex TLC give people with genetic leukodystrophy the help they need to cope with today and hope for their future.

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