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Registered charity number: 1123038

17.8 million AIDS orphans and counting… They deserve happiness.

AIDS has ravaged Sub Saharan Africa to such a degree that the majority of AIDS orphans live there. In Asia the total number of orphans orphaned for many reasons including AIDS exceeds 73 million. Are we going to stand by and let this happen?

Orphans and in particular AIDS orphans are affected by many factors. Shame, fear, rejection, denial of basic education and health care, denial of inheritance and property, discrimination with a likelihood of damaging future prospects and the worst of all, stigma. They suffer with depression, anxiety, neglect, emotional trauma with little or no support and this often results in exploitation and abuse. The future can be very bleak for these children. Arms Around The Child aims to advance awareness of this horror and through Global media and campaigning they will engage the public and translate that engagement into action.

You are the answer.

Your old car donation will help Arms Around The Child to achieve its objectives…

To provide a loving home, HIV treatment, protection and respect for their spirit and soul. Education for children who are vulnerable, often infected with HIV and orphaned having lost one parent or both. To provide a sense of community and safety.

Arms Around The Child supports children who live in child headed households in Soweto who have been affected by the AIDS pandemic and also children who are sexually abused and need protection and all the future care and support to help make them whole again.

Arms Around The Child will help to educate the general public concerning the causes and effects of distress, hardship and life as an orphan infected or affected by HIV through direct engagement with the public through events and major campaigns.

This charity believes in a future for these kids and intends to do everything they can to make it a bright one.

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