Charity Car 2020 Round-Up

Posted on 15 December 2020 by Charity Car

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Well! Where do we start! Our usual Charity Car round-up is full of events and campaigns we've enjoyed throughout the year, but, along with the rest of the globe, Coronavirus turned our world upside-down early in 2020 and it's been like no year we've ever known. We can't quite believe 2021 is on the horizon!

Sadly, many charities have suffered; their usual generous supporters have had no choice but to reduce cash donations and support themselves and their families, or focussed their charitable donations on their own communities instead of further a field. Many charity employees have been furloughed, fundraising events have had to been cancelled and all while trying to keep their essential charitable work going.

However! Charity Car has managed to remain a little ray of light… With a skeleton staff keeping the fires burning, we've been able to safely process your car donations throughout 2020 and, amazingly enough, see many of our Charity Car partners hit incredible donation milestones along the way.

Thank you for your car donations

Here's our donation highlights. A HUGE thank you for making them possible in the hardest year for our charity partners and probably for you too.

  • The first highlight is our new humongous total - we have now passed on over £700,000 to charities thanks to your old car donations! Amazingly, over £120,000 of that was donated in 2020 alone (and that's not including December!).

  • Your support for Cancer Research UK is always astounding and hugely appreciated by this innovative organisation. During 2020 the charity has received over £14,000 in old cars, including the highest single auction amount this year from a VW Polo, which resulted in a donation of £3,594. The love you've shown this important cause has seen Cancer Research UK's total from Charity Car reach an incredible £88,000!

  • Out of the hundreds of cars donated this year, more than 50 have been identified for auction; so your generosity - donating cars that have a little life left in them - has meant an even bigger impact for the charities you've chosen to support.

  • Many of you have supported Oxfam through our scheme over the years and 2020 has been no different. This notable cause has received over £10,000 in car donations through Charity Car this year, making their total donation figure nearly £110,000!

  • These huge figures are supporting wonderful projects around the world, but some of our smaller charity partners have enjoyed their own donation milestones in 2020; having a significant impact on everything from community projects to animal welfare. Teckels Animal Sanctuaries has received over £4,000, Whale and Dolphin Conservation has hit nearly £5,000 in donations and Headway Cambridgeshire is a couple of pounds away from £2,000!

  • Of course, it was particularly pertinent this year to support carers and the NHS; the Charity Car team were delighted to see your support for this wonderful cause…

Sophie Coburn, Corporate Partnerships Officer at The Children’s Hospital Charity told us: “We’re so grateful to Charity Car and all their customers for their continued support. To raise more than £4,300 is an incredible amount and thanks to supporters' generosity, we can continue to help Sheffield Children's by providing specialist equipment and creating environments that are above the NHS standard, even during these difficult times. Thank you so much!"

Sheffield Children's Hospital

Wonderfully, there are too many milestones to list them all, so a huge thank you to every single one of you! Whether you’ve donated a car yourself, or let someone with an old car know that they can use Charity Car to support a cause they care about - you have contributed to something hugely positive in a very difficult year. Hopefully our 2020 Charity Car 'round-up' has been a much more positive read that you may have imagined!

We wish everyone a merry end to 2020, and even more than usual, a very happy New Year!