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Through Unity - Official Charity Car Partner

Registered charity number: 1127016

Unique Support for Families Bereaved by Homicide.

More about Through Unity

Through Unity exists to provide support to bereaved people in the aftermath of a violent death and does all it can to make sure they get whatever help they need to survive their loss.

Thankfully, there are not huge numbers of people who have to experience the agonising grief and anguish of losing someone they love through violent crime. But for those that have, they can feel trapped in a nightmare no one understands, which is incredibly isolating. Families linked to Through Unity have all lost someone in these circumstances and they make themselves available to reach out and support others who are in a similar nightmare. These Through Unity families can offer real support and understanding to those in need, helping them to move forwards with their lives.

The charity's aim is to focus the passion and energy of grief and injustice to provide positive change and prevailing legacies.

Donate your car to Through Unity

Your old car donation to Through Unity would help to fund the charity's vital support programme and its activities held to raise awareness of the consequences of violent crime.

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