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Registered Charity number: 1108726

Teckels Animal Sanctuaries is a small charity who rescue, rehabilitate and rehome 400 animals every year.

More about Teckels Animal Sanctuaries

Teckels pride themselves on looking for the right home for each individual dog and cat based on their needs. They also work hard to reduce the number of unwanted cats and dogs by educating the public on the responsibilities of animal ownership.

Teckels vision is a world where all animals are well cared for, respected and their needs understood. Animal welfare is at the heart of Teckels' philosophy and the team provide the appropriate rehabilitation and behavioural support to the dogs and cats in their care. This charity passionately believes that every cat and dog deserves a happy, fulfilling life and your old car donation could help make that a reality for animals in need.

Teckels has already rescued and re-homed thousands of animals. They do not discriminate against old or sick animals and have a non-destruction policy. Everything they do is focused on improving the lives of the wonderful animals who come into their care. The creation of a safe and caring environment even spreads beyond four legged friends. Teckels is proud to work with the local community by providing volunteering opportunities for a number of adults with special needs and learning difficulties.

All Teckels valuable work comes at a price - it costs the charity over £30,000 per month to run its centre. While their excellent boarding facilities for dogs and cats contributes towards running costs, re-homing needs still significantly outweigh boarding income so they depend heavily on donations.

Donate your car to Teckels

With Charity Car, your old car could help bring in that much needed income to cover Teckels' fantastic work rescuing dogs and cats in Gloucestershire and hopefully in the future, across the country.

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