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Registered charity number: 1162690

ROLDA is an animal welfare charity based in Romania that receives international support. Its mission is to manage the large population of homeless animals, which is estimated to be in the millions.

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ROLDA UK serves as the branch of ROLDA Romania. Its primary objective is to promote and garner support for the various programs and campaigns aimed at rescuing, rehabilitating, providing shelter, sterilisation, social programs, and education for animals. ROLDA strictly implements a no-kill policy and requires assistance to ensure these needy animals find loving homes. With an estimated million homeless animals, the task ahead is nothing short of monumental.

Romania faces the most severe stray overpopulation problem in Europe, yet this issue receives little attention due to the country's limited tourist appeal. Unfortunately, there are no witnesses to see the suffering of these mistreated and abandoned animals. You can make a difference by donating your old car to ROLDA, which works towards rescuing these animals and managing the increasing stray population.

A heartwarming story of kindness and compassion sparked the creation of the charity by Romanian founder Dana Costin. It all began when she stumbled upon an abandoned and badly injured German Shepard in her local park. After nursing the animal back to health, she made it her mission to rescue and find homes for other strays in need. In 2005, Dana attended a Dog's Trust shelter management course in London and this inspired her to build kennels to protect numerous dogs from the harsh Romania winter. Thanks to the support of the largest steel producer in Europe, Dana was able to construct a spacious and modern shelter that can accommodate up to 700 dogs.

ROLDA has made significant progress in managing the animal crisis by sterilising thousands of homeless dogs and cats. However, their work is far from over, as many dogs still need to be re-homed, thousands of animals need to be humanely caught and sterilised, and there are numerous mouths to feed.

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You can make a meaningful contribution by donating your old car to ROLDA UK through Charity Car. Your donation will help fund ROLDA's amazing work.

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