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MATRIX Neurological provides practical help and vital support to children, young people and their families who are living with the effects of an acquired brain injury.

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MATRIX Neurological was established by people that have first-hand experience of child brain injury. That personal experience means they have a real understanding of acquired brain injuries and the complex ongoing effects it has on everyday life; such as the difficult adjustment back into 'normal' life; the impact on every family unit; and the long-term negative health effects that result from in-effective and uncoordinated support services.

Donations to Matrix Neurological, including old cars, will help to fund their innovative services; ensuring they are not only delivered at the right, time, place and location for its clients; but also at a frequency that will make a real difference to those with an acquired brain injury.

That real difference is quantifiable. For children, good neuro-rehabilitation helps to reduce the impact of the injury through restoration of damaged function, or compensation for lost function. This helps to optimise physical, cognitive, psychological and social function and means that these young people are more likely to have a better recovery.

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The impact on their parents is significant and families experience high levels of emotional distress. It is not uncommon for parents of brain injured children to be diagnosed with PTSD resulting from their child’s life-changing disability. For parents and carers Matrix Neurological's support helps to reduce their levels of anxiety and distress. Basically, the charity looks after them - so they can care for their child.

There is currently very little public awareness, understanding or provision for children and young people who are recovering from an acquired brain injury, which can have a huge impact on their future health, education and social needs. In turn this impacts on their long-term physical, emotional, psychological and financial well-being. Matrix Neurological's Case Management Service ensures care and support is effectively coordinated for the child to help maximise the effectiveness of interventions, reduce long term inequalities and gives these children and young people a much brighter future.

Donate your car to Matrix Neurological

Your old car donation with Charity Car will help Matrix Neurological to run its Case Management Service, which coordinates individuals' care.

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