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Registered charity numbers: 295672, SCO37479

Make-A-Wish UK transforms the lives of desperately ill children by granting their One True Wish.

More about Make-A-Wish

When a child is fighting a life-threatening condition, it has a huge impact on them and their whole family. The children Make-A-Wish support are often going through gruelling treatment, endless medical appointments and spending time in hospital away from their home, friends and family. A far cry from the childhood they should be enjoying.

Granting their One True Wish provides hope for the future, strength to cope and resilience to fight their condition. They’re given quality time away from the daily realities of living with their condition and have the chance to make magical memories they can treasure forever – whatever their future may hold.

Over more than 30 years, Make-A-Wish UK has transformed the lives of more than 11,000 desperately ill children by granting their One True Wish.

Ethan, 6, is living with a complex heart condition. When he turned to Make-A-Wish, funds donated by people like you helped to grant his One True Wish to be an American Police officer for the day, you can watch Ethan’s wish coming true here.

Donate your car to Make-A-wish

Your old car donation with Charity Car could help to give another child their One True Wish.

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