Donate your car to Legs4Africa

Charity Car Partner Legs4Africa 

Registered charity number: 1158697

Legs4Africa improves the mobility and independence of amputees in Africa through the provision of rehabilitation services and access to prosthetic legs.

Donate your car to Legs4Africa

Your old car could give someone in Africa the ultimate leg-up.

"Legs4Africa would like to say a ginormous thank you to everyone at Charity Car, including their wonderful clients who recycle their cars so we can recycle prosthetic legs. Through your generosity, hundreds of limbs have been saved from landfill and shipped over to people who need them in sub-Saharan Africa. Together, we are truly getting people back on their feet. Thank you for caring, thank you for your selflessness, and thank you for supporting people with limb differences on the African continent.”

Evie Dickinson, Fundraising & Communications Manager at Legs4Africa

More about Legs4Africa

Legs4Africa began in 2013 with the delivery of one prosthetic leg to The Gambia. The only prosthetist in that region - Gabu Jarjue - is quoted: "Giving someone a prosthetic leg is like giving someone back their life again. It never gets boring." And Legs4Africa has kept him busy ever since with deliveries of donated prosthetic legs and the provision of support services that are constantly evolving.

In the UK we’ve learnt that rather than wasting replaced prosthetic (which would otherwise have to be disposed of under EU law), these valuable materials and components can make huge changes in less fortunate parts of the world. Legs4Africa has collected over four thousand artificial legs since 2013 and sent them to places such as Tanzania, Ghana, The Gambia and Senegal, to be used by amputees so that they may lead a more productive and fulfilling life.

"A prosthetic leg has a tremendous ability to change a life. It gives an amputee a chance to stand up, walk again and get back into work." - Tom Williams (Legs4Africa Founder)

Legs4Africa will use your old car donations to help build reliable systems and infrastructures to provide equipment, rehabilitation and ongoing support for amputees in a country where they can otherwise face trauma and marginalisation. The charity is working hard to support the empowerment of amputees across Africa so that they can dispel current stigmas and prove disability does not equate to inability.

It costs about £12 to get one prosthetic over to Africa, so the average car donation ready for scrap could help to change the lives of 8 people in need by reason of ill-health, disability or financial hardship.

It might also help to fund the essential support services that Legs4Africa has established including training, physiotherapy, and invaluable peer-led support groups.

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