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Registered Charity numbers: E&W1082947, SCO40094

Crisis is the national charity for single homeless people.

More about Crisis

Through the charity's life-changing services they support people directly out of homelessness. Using informed research and direct experience with their members they campaign for the changes needed to solve it altogether.

This charity has ambitious plans to end homelessness altogether and is committed to helping more people in more places across the UK. Through collaboration with others, they believe they can make change happen.

Your donated car will help fund innovative education, employment, housing and well-being services throughout the year, carefully addressing individual’s needs. This valuable work gives homeless people the tools they need to find jobs and accommodation and truly helps them transform their lives.

During the festive season, Crisis also provides a warm welcome to over 3,000 homeless people. In addition to a hot meal and a safe place to sleep, homeless people are given medical care, dentistry, haircuts, massages and a fresh set of clothes to help them feel human again.

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Donate your car to Crisis

With Charity Car your old car donation could fund Crisis' life saving services.

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