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Registered charity number: 1064470

Emmaus UK is working to end homelessness by providing stable homes and meaningful work for as long as it’s needed.

Emmaus¬†means more than a roof over your head. Your old car donation to Emmaus UK will support people to work their way out of homelessness through meaningful work and a stable home for as long as it’s needed – helping people to regain their self-esteem and find a positive way to move forward with their lives.

The charity’s vision is ‘A sustainable world in which everyone has a home and a sense of belonging’. Emmaus UK is trying to achieve this by supporting its regional communities, of which there are currently 30 across the UK, supporting more than 800 formerly homeless people. A true community offers the companionship and support that many people who have experienced homelessness have lost. This can be key to helping someone to stop, take stock, and start to regain a sense of control and stability in their lives.

Most of the UK’s Emmaus communities offer between 20 and 40 places for people to live, and once people become part of one of these communities they are known as an Emmaus companion. They get a furnished room of their own, food, clothing and a small weekly allowance. In return, companions work in the communities’ social enterprises; they commit to behave in a respectful way towards everyone and do not bring alcohol or drugs onto the premises; and they sign off all benefits (apart from housing benefit). Unlike most provisions available for homeless people, Emmaus communities provide a real home and a companion’s place is available for as long as they need it.

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Emmaus UK is working to end homelessness by providing stable homes and meaningful work for as long as it’s needed.

Emmaus UK will use old car donations to support all of its communities and help to fund three additional Emmaus groups that are working to set up new communities. Donations may help to establish stronger social enterprises that help each community achieve financial sustainability and see more companions moving into employment, or they may be used to make the buildings more sustainable. Your old car donation could even help to fund one-on-one work with companions to realise their potential.

As an active contributor in the International Emmaus movement, Emmaus UK is also keen to use its voice to address the causes and consequences of homelessness and social exclusion, so your old car could fund this important shift in society.

Emmaus UK is working to ensure they can help more people, work smarter, shout louder and work better together.

Donate your car to Emmaus UK

Your old car donation to Emmaus UK can help to change lives and end homelessness across the UK.

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