Donate your car to Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital

Brent Lodge

Registered charity number: 276179

Brent Lodge Bird & Wildlife Trust is a wildlife hospital in West Sussex dedicated to treating and rehabilitating injured, sick and orphaned wildlife.

Donate your car to Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital

Donate your car to Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital with Charity Car and your old car could help save numerous wild lives.

"Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital would like to say a heartfelt thank you to the team at Charity Car and its generous customers who have so lovingly recycled their preloved cars through this recycling scheme. The funds raised thanks to your support means we can provide care, treatment and rehabilitation to thousands of wildlife casualties in the hopes we can return them back to their natural habitats.

We have been delighted with our partnership with Charity Car over the years and thrilled to receive the proceeds from your old car donations. From smaller scrap donations to some larger auction figures we've been able to use every penny to help wildlife in our care. We are passionate about the environment we release our wildlife patients into. Habitat loss and environmental damage are amongst the main causes of wildlife casualty and their decline. The environmental benefits of recycling your car through Charity Car are huge. Aside from minimising the volume of discarded materials and waste being sent to landfill each year, the funds raised from recycling your car goes towards helping wildlife casualties in our care in the hopes they can be released and thrive in healthy natural habitats.”

Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital

More about Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital

Based in Sidlesham, near Chichester, and serving the South of England, this Trust has been saving wildlife for over 50 years. Looking after around 3,000 patients every year, it's a busy charity that has to cover ever increasing costs.

About 2,500 of the wildlife taken in by Brent Lodge Hospital are birds, plus 500 hedgehogs and a small number of other mammals and reptiles. All these creatures require specialist care and the Trust's aim is to treat and rehabilitate them ready to be released back to the wild.

Deer rescued by Brent Lodge

As a voluntary organisation much of the labour is carried out by generous people with time to give to a cause they feel passionate about. However, there are still many costs to cover and your car donation could make a huge difference to the charity. Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital will use any old car donations to help pay for the day-to-day costs of running, from food and medications for their guests to running the vehicles that collect the sick and orphaned wildlife.

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