Sorting the paperwork

Lots of advice and information about the paperwork.

What should I do with the registration certificate for my car?

Do I need to get in touch with DVLA?

What is a Certificate of Destruction?

What does a DVLA Certificate of Destruction look like?

How and when will I get my DVLA Certificate of Destruction?

Can anyone issue a Certificate of Destruction?

What is an Authorised Treatment Facility permit?

How do I notify DVLA?

What if I don't have my registration certificate?

How do I reclaim any unused road tax?

How do I prove my identity?

What is the Scrap Metal Dealers Act?

What is the Air Weapon and Licensing Act?

Will DVLA send me any confirmation?

What are the penalties if I don't notify DVLA?

Can I keep my personalised registration?