How much of the value of my car will the charity get?

If we recycle your car, which is usual for the majority of vehicles donated via our scheme, 100% of the market value of your scrap car will be donated to your chosen charity.

It may be that our recycling centre assesses your vehicle and decides it could be repaired and re-used. In this case your chosen charity will receive the same value as if it had been recycled.

If your car is auctioned, your chosen charity will receive the full amount raised minus a low fixed auction fee. This low fixed fee covers the valeting, valuation, sales particulars, storage, viewings by prospective buyers throughout the sales process, paperwork and transfer of payment to your chosen charity. (It also covers entry in up to two auctions in case the car is unsuccessful in the first sale.) We will only ever submit a vehicle for auction if our specialist team is confident it will make more for your charity, minus the fixed fee, than it would have made as scrap.

If you'd like to find out how much we think your car will be worth, please get in touch - we'll be happy to let you know the estimated donation your charity will receive.