How do you work out the value of my car?

We'll use your registration to find out the type of car you have, together with your postcode to find its location.

We may also ask you some questions about your car's condition. If you're unable to answer any questions, we may make some assumptions - that your donated car meets our minimum requirements.

We will use all of that information and our knowledge of the current market to assess each car case-by-case.

If your car has reached the end of the road, we'll find the highest scrap price for it and it will be recycled or re-used at one of our recycling centres.

If our team thinks your car holds more value it will be assessed for auction. Obviously we won't know exactly how much it will raise till the day of the sale, but we only ever submit a vehicle that we are confident will make more for your charity at a salvage auction, minus the low fixed fee, than it would have made as scrap.

We always try to maximise your donation, but if you think your vehicle holds significant value you can speak to our customer services team before donating to check you're happy with our assessment of its potential value.