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Registered charity number: 1176570

The Lunar Project supplies essential items for immediate needs to women and men experiencing homelessness in York.

More about The Lunar Project

This charity is very young, and stemmed from three friends taking the action in their home city of York to help those experiencing homelessness. Stephanie McCusker, Claire Lewis and Sarah Myler became aware that there was a specific issue of period poverty among many homeless women who were suffering humiliation and discomfort being unable to afford basic sanitary products. Setting out one night to distribute these items they never envisaged their small act of kindness having the impact it did.

The Lunar Project has grown to meet demand for its service and has quickly gone from a self funded activity to becoming a registered charity. The Lunar Project's founders and its growing number of volunteers now run twice weekly Moonwalks throughout the city, distributing vital supplies such as pads, tampons, socks and sleeping bags to those experiencing homelessness.

Your old car donation would be a huge boost to help fund these vital supplies, and if you wish to make an old car donation to turn the value of your recycled vehicle into supplies for The Lunar Project, please click the button at the bottom of the page. However, there is a special request from The Lunar Project as they are actually in need of a working vehicle to help distribute items across the city... If you have a car that has enough life left in it to be used by the charity please let our customer services team know direct by phone and we will put you in touch with one of the charity's founders.

In the mean time, people across the country are recognising the valuable work of The Lunar Project and contacting them to start branches in other cities in the UK. This relevant young charity is striking a cord with many people, and with your support will help meet the immediate needs of many women and men experiencing homelessness.

Donate your car to The Lunar Project

With Charity Car, your old car donation would turn the value of your recycled vehicle into vital supplies for The Lunar Project.

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