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Registered Charity number: 1136741

KASSSI works to improve outcomes for financially and emotionally disadvantaged children, families and communities in Jamaica.

More about about KASSSI

The work of KASSSI covers three main areas: Health, Social Welfare and Education; in order to enable greater independence and empowerment of Jamaican people whose potential is limited by financial hardship and social exclusion.

Kasssi is developing an integrated network of services and support that provides assistance in: family stability; opportunities for employment; a quality education; and youth development activities for adolescents.

Your old car could help fund the charity's Back2School Initiative, which provides new school uniforms and nutritious Breakfast Clubs for pupils at the schools it works with. It may also be used to fund Kasssi's annual Health Awareness Day providing essential information to local communities.

In the main, KASSSI aims to stimulate the educational aspiration and overall life skills of families and individuals living in rural communities. Its work started in Petersville, Westmoreland, Jamaica West Indies and it is hoped wherever KASSSI is introduced it will become a resident-driven, community-building initiative that is self- serving.

Donate your car to KASSSI

With Charity Car, your old car donation could help to create positive opportunities and outcomes for Jamaican children well into the future.

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