Donate your car to International Otter Survival Fund

Charity Car Partner International Otter Survival Fund

Registered charity number: SC003875

The International Otter Survival Fund (IOSF) is one of the world's leading otter charities, dedicated to protecting these important mammals.

Donate your car to IOSF

Your old car could help secure a better future for otters in the UK and around the world.

"IOSF would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has donated to the otters through Charity Car.  Every penny that you donate in this way goes into the care of our otters – providing food, vet care and eventually releasing them back to the wild where they belong. THANK YOU ALL.”

Helen Stephenson, International Otter Survival Fund

More about IOSF

IOSF was set up to protect and help the 13 species of otter that exist worldwide through a combination of compassion and over 20 years of scientific research. This unique charity wants to protect otters so that future generations can enjoy one of the world’s most charming, elusive and enjoyable mammals.

As the only charity in the UK solely dedicated to the conservation, protection and care of otters, a huge part of the charity's work is focused on raising awareness about just how important these creatures are to the environment, how they suffer as part of the illegal wildlife trade and how much they need our help.

The IOSF rescue centre on Skye is world renowned and provides specialist care for otters from all over Scotland and Northern England. The charity also supports other projects around the world including the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ecuador, Philippines and Canada, all of which are working to protect otters and to ensure a healthy environment for all species, including the UK's own.

 Eurasian otter ©Anthony Chuet

The species of otter we have in the UK is the Eurasian otter and although their numbers do appear to have increased slightly in recent years, they are still classed as 'Near Threatened' globally. They are found right across Asia to eastern Russia and China and in North Africa, but almost nothing is known about them in Asia or Africa and in many parts of Asia there have been no sightings in many years. There is still much to be done here in the UK and other countries where all otters are at risk - all 13 species are in the 'Red List' and numbers are still declining. Your old car donation will help IOSF make progress protecting otters, by funding education, research, influencing policy and supporting the charity's world-wide partners.

Car donations could enable the IOSF to work with more local communities throughout the world to educate, inform and encourage the protection and conservation of otters including ending the illegal trade in otters for both fur and pets, which is a huge threat to otter populations in Asia. IOSF needs help to make sure these animals don’t disappear for ever.

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