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Registered charity number: 1154383

The Counseling Life Advice Suicide Prevention Charity is known as the CLASP Charity. This cause is the first of its kind focusing solely on the stigma of Mental & Stress related illness, Emotional Life Traumas & Suicide.

More about CLASP Charity

CLASP Charity's vision is a society with greater understanding and acceptance of mental illness and emotional disturbance, where the subjects are discussed openly and without shame or stigma, and where suicide becomes a thing of the past.

Six million people in the UK are suffering from depression, anxiety and emotional stress according to the Department of Health. A further 8 million people are afflicted with a variety of mental illnesses, which can be the consequence of many things; financial stress, domestic violence, physical disability, bullying, addiction, shame, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, illegitimacy, victimisation, gender identity, guilt, poor education, ethnicity, faith, illiteracy, religion, cyber bullying, peer pressure, sexual orientation and other daily emotional traumas.

The stigma surrounding these conditions, coupled with the absence of an effective proactive source of help to prevent people from reaching out, can lead to suicidal thoughts. The result is that 6,000 people complete suicide every year and the figure is rising. Currently, that's one person every two hours, every day. And the cost of suicide is not restricted to human suffering; suicide affects commerce and industry, the NHS and the travel infrastructure. The average cost per suicide in England is £1.7 million, in Scotland £1.3 million and £1.5 million in Ireland.

And yet there is no specialist help readily available. CLASP Charity's mission is to change this as quickly as possible and reduce the number of those suffering and attempting suicide in years to come.

Working together with the Medical Advisory Service, the NHS 111 service and local Councils on a new Mental Health Wellbeing and Suicide Prevention helpline, the charity will be able to offer those suffering, their family, friends, work colleagues, carers and the public in general; a proactive advice and support service whilst informing callers of local services, charities and organisations able to help with their needs. The aim is to provide a range of targeted counseling for people suffering; domestic violence, financial stress, sexual abuse and suicidal thoughts.

The charity is also involved in staging events such as 'Walking out of Darkness' across the UK to raise awareness and funds to tackle the powerfully isolating effect of stigma that plagues so many people needing support.

Donate your car to CLASP

Your old car donation could help fund this progress with Charity Car and help one of the millions of people suffering with mental illness across the UK.

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