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Every child deserves an equal opportunity. are here to make that happen.

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Your car donation will fund projects to design, discover and deliver innovative solutions to the most pressing challenges in maternal and child health.

" have been thrilled to partner with Charity Car over the past few years and are incredibly grateful to the customers who have generously donated the proceeds from their used cars in support of our work. Your support has helped us keep mums and babies in Kenya safe and healthy. Thank you for being brilliant!”

Lucy, Income Manager at

More about exists to spark progress in global child health. Led from our base in Nairobi, Kenya, we work with children, babies, parents, caregivers and whole communities to discover and design better ways to protect the health of children.

Since 2007 has been doing what works - researching, piloting and delivering solutions to challenges in global child health. From peer-support pregnancy groups arming thousands of mums in rural Meru with life-saving antenatal information, to pioneering SMS health projects aiming to reduce neonatal mortality, the charity is working to ensure that children (and mums and babies!) stay safe and healthy, tackling barriers to health inequality along the way.

Through Charity Car, your old car donation can help design, discover and deliver further solutions in global child health.

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