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Posted on 01 September 2017 by Charity Car

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The Charity Car team is feeling slightly shaken this morning and it's all to do with the start of September... whether it's the reality that Summer is pretty much over, or that everywhere seems to be about going 'back to school'. But there's one thing brightening the horizon, and that's our marvelous new Partner of the Month - BulliesOut!

Bullies Out logo

The name says quite a lot of course but this wonderful cause is not about singling bullies out, it's about supporting people, generating insights into behaviour and empathy, and giving young people much needed self-esteem so they can thrive.

And guess what you can do to help drive that vital work... donate an old car of course!

The Charity Car team has spent a while talking about this cause as it's a bit different from many of our other charity partners. Bullying can be one of those taboo subjects, whether you know someone that's suffered at the hands of a bully or maybe you knew or were one of the perpetrators. The damage bullying can cause to someone's mental well-being and of course their ability to work at school and later on in life is horrible to see. It's great to know organisations like BulliesOut are offering practical and effective solutions to schools and workplaces to tackle this sensitive issue.

Cardiff based BulliesOut works all over the UK and tells us that over half the ten million young people in this country are affected by bullying. They want to see that number dwindle and so do we. The charity's plan is in action today and you can get involved as a volunteer, a fundraiser or simply a supporter (and an old car donator!)...

BulliesOut awards ceremony

Photo from BulliesOut Youth Awards that were held recently, celebrating the achievements of their Youth Ambassadors. A huge well done from Charity Car to all of you!

One of the most effective and inspiring programmes the charity runs, and where your funds may go if you donate an old car, is its Youth Ambassador Programme. This is open to applicants between the ages of 10 and 21 and enables young people to become involved in an anti-bullying campaign with training and experiences, before encouraging them to volunteer in their local school, work or community. Youth Ambassadors raise awareness of the effects of bullying, they fundraise and feedback on the charity's projects. They also have the responsibility of being an Anti-Bullying Ambassador and help to raise the profile of the charity. All this empowers them to build a positive self-image, which is essential for their mental well-being. The result is confident, positive young people who improve their community and their own prospects, and they are recognised by the charity for their efforts.

Bullies Out runs many workshops and programmes to address bullying - developing an awareness of how it can manifest, how it can be prevented and how it should be dealt with, helping sufferers and perpetrators disengage from the bullying cycle. Building positive peer relationships means an environment where young people and staff can thrive.

The Charity Car team can not imagine working where people were suffering from bullies and we hope none of our lovely supporters have to either. You can find out more about this fantastic organisation and how they can help here:

And of course you can donate an old car to them at Charity Car:

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