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Posted on 01 October 2018 by Charity Car

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Did you know October is home to World Animal Day? While the Charity Car team would be delighted to talk about any of our wonderful animal-related charity partners to celebrate this significant day, we are very excited to introduce you to a relatively new charity to the scheme, an incredibly important cause and of course 'Partner of the Month' - WDC, Whale and Dolphin Conservation!

Here in the Charity Car office, we are hoping that while everyone enjoys starting this season of cosy nights in (and maybe some spooky nights out come the end of the month!)... everyone can take just a little bit of time to think beyond our immediate environment and consider these incredible creatures and the trouble many species are in for no natural reason.

There are currently some 87 recognised species of cetaceans (that's whales, dolphins and porpoises if you didn't know - we weren't sure!) in the world, and they are all facing a wide range of threats. Many of these populations are known to be vulnerable or endangered and several species are in critical or immediate danger of extinction.

Bottlenose Dolphin - Copyright - WDC, Charlie Phillips.

When we spoke to WDC about being our Partner of the Month the charity was delighted to hear we'd be talking about their current campaigns and we were shocked to hear how frightening close we are to losing entire species from our world's waters.

The New Zealand dolphin is facing extinction, and although the answer is simple - to get rid of fishing nets in certain areas off the country's coast - it's going to take WDC's tireless campaigning to achieve protection for these dolphins.

We're hoping that spreading the news of these beautiful creatures being knowingly erased will reach the ears of people who may be able to support WDC.

As usual, we love the thought of an old car funding something extraordinary. While it's always amazing to think an old set of wheels could save a life, imagine old cars helping to save a whole species! Incredible.

WDC's work is obviously far more widespread than just one campaign. The charity is involved in numerous projects across the world, from reducing the threat of plastic pollution in our oceans, and Harbour porpoise protection in Europe, to supporting river dolphins in Asia and South America and ending orca captivity.

NZ dolphin in net - Copyright Steve Dawson

So you don't actually need the excuse of World Animal Day to share WDC's story with your friends and family, you can now wow them with your knowledge of the endangered creatures that we shouldn't take for granted!

And speaking with our Charity Car hats on (or maybe that should be flippers in this instance!), make sure they know that this fantastic charity can use old car donations to help fund their vital work keeping all whales and dolphins safe, wild and free.

Find out more about how you can support Whale and Dolphin Conservation by donating your old car with Charity Car 

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