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Posted on 01 May 2019 by Charity Car

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The Charity Car team was absolutely delighted when this cause joined us at the beginning of last year - The Donkey Sanctuary is considered a bit of an 'institution' in the UK and we all have a soft spot for those beautiful big-eared creatures!

As you can imagine, everyone in our office has an interest in good causes, so when a household name like this joins us we usually already have an understanding of what they do and how the funds from old car donations might be used, but learning more about The Donkey Sanctuary was a huge eye opener for all of us.

As our Partner of the Month for May, we wanted to share with you what makes The Donkey Sanctuary so special...

While you may be aware of the charity's work at its Headquarters in Sidmouth - caring for donkeys in the UK - you may not know that The Donkey Sanctuary's work actually extends across the globe! Not only does the charity run 10 sanctuaries around the UK and Europe, giving lifelong care to over 6,000 donkeys and mules. Its hospital treats sick donkeys and trains vets that work worldwide. And it's the charity's global reach that really surprised us.

Donkey Being Stroked At Tanzania Markey

Sadly the vast majority of the world's donkey population remain beasts of burden, and to tackle this, The Donkey Sanctuary operates programmes in almost 40 countries for animals working in agriculture, tourism, industry, transportation, and those used for meat and skin. The charity provides support to those animals most in need, collaborates with the locals who depend on them, and carries out advocacy work with numerous governments and associated organisations to complement their practical rescue and emergency work and establish more sustainable improvements to the lives of donkeys long-term.

The Charity Car team never realised the extent of the role that donkeys and mules play in some of the world's poor communities. Working donkeys strengthen livelihoods, access water, empower women and enable education, and in turn have a direct effect on global poverty, hunger, illiteracy, and disease. These special animals not only deserve to be cared for as living creatures, but their welfare can have a significant impact on human communities.
Even here in the UK, The Donkey Sanctuary helps to transforms lives - using donkey assisted therapy to support children and adults with special educational needs or those suffering from chronic illness.
The Donkey Sanctuary's supporters are well aware of the charity's incredible work and this month many of them will be visiting the charity here in the UK for 'Donkey Week' - an annual event to enable donkey lovers to celebrate these noble creatures and get hands-on in the countryside with plenty of grooming activities! If you want to get involved you can visit the charity's international headquarters, set in more than 130 beautiful acres, all year round. After looking at all the images we've been sent of the donkey's being looked after there, the Charity Car team is keen to plan a visit themselves.

Donkeys In the Field
This year is a particularly special time to go as the charity is celebrating its 50th anniversary! We're sure you'll want to join us in saying a huge congratulations to The Donkey Sanctuary, which has so much to be proud of. From its humble beginnings rescuing UK donkeys from neglect and abuse led by inspirational founder Dr. Elisabeth Svendsen, to the international animal welfare organisation it is today - transforming the lives of millions of donkeys and mules, and the people who depend on them for their livelihood.

If you or someone you know has an old car to donate to this amazing cause, visit the charity’s page for details. The Charity Car team would be delighted to help you support this cause.

It may be that your donation to The Donkey Sanctuary will be used to fund bedding, food or medical treatment for an abandoned donkey in the UK in desperate need of love, and that's a superb use of funds. However, looking at the bigger picture across the globe, the charity's aim is to help more of the estimated 55 million donkeys and mules worldwide - to give them a life free from suffering, and ensure their contribution to humanity is fully valued. It's amazing to think an old set of wheels could reach that far!

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