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Posted on 01 August 2019 by Charity Car

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It's August, it's hot and we're bothered...

While the Brits spend much of the year (the Charity Car team included!) desperately wishing for Summer, as soon as the really hot days hit we're often heard to be moaning! The vast majority of us, whatever our situation, can turn on a tap for a cold, clean glass of water to drink, or a quick wash to cool off, and naturally we take that for granted. It's a world away from conditions in places like Malawi where water poverty is rife, and it's our Partner of the Month for August that is working to achieve lasting change in these communities.

We're hoping old car donations will help with Pump Aid's mission to improve the quality, availability and use of water and sanitation where people need it most. The charity knows what it takes to deliver affordable, innovative and sustainable solutions and it utilises the power of the community, local businesses and partners in other sectors to provide clean water, sanitation and education. Your old wheels could keep this amazing mission moving.

Woman using a water pump

Our casual walk to the kitchen is in contrast to communities that may have to walk miles just for a bucket of water. Up to 40% of water points in Malawi are non-functional with three quarters of pre-schools having no water or sanitation facilities, and this lack of access to safe and clean water is a huge health risk. As essential as clean drinking water is, low water supply also makes basic hygiene very difficult and without good sanitation the risk of water-borne diseases such as diarrhoea and cholera become high. To put it into perspective, diarrhoea is the second biggest killer of children under five.

The majority of Malawians also rely on subsistence farming, yet few can use irrigation to maintain their crop-yield. A long dry season and low water supply ultimately results in food insecurity and malnutrition... so water impacts every area of life.

Crop spraying

But here's the good news! Pump Aid works with communities to install water points and latrines but treats people like customers rather than beneficiaries - offering training to local entrepreneurs to install, repair and maintain pumps. This approach stimulates the local economy, creates jobs and makes the solution sustainable.

To look after children and everyone's future, the charity provides safe water, child friendly toilets and handwashing stations, as well as WASH training to ensure everyone in the community has the skills and knowledge to practice good hygiene and prevent diseases. Old car donations to Pump Aid through Charity Car can support them.

Water pump

While Pump Aid is Charity Car's Partner of the Month for August please use this opportunity to spread the word about this fantastic charity and how vital its projects are. A single old car donation could pay for the tools needed to keep a pump maintained, or for a few days of essential WASH training for parents and carers. That is a wonderful way for a car's proceeds to end up and it will make that next glass of cold water taste a lot better!

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