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Posted on 01 June 2017 by Charity Car

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You may have an image of most mountain rescue call outs taking place in storms and snow. But Scottish Mountain Rescue has its work cut out, rain or shine. So June may be a little quieter than the middle of winter (depending on how the season is treating us!) but this amazing charity and its 800 plus volunteers are all still ready to go 24/7. In fact, they work by the saying "Any Hour, Any Day, Any Weather".

To highlight their work and to generate some more, much needed donations, Charity Car has selected SMR as Partner of the Month for June 2017, and we are delighted to fill you in on how an old car donation could help this cause...

Donations play a vital part in keeping mountain rescue running as so much of the equipment the teams use and the training they need comes at a high cost.

Scottish Mountain Rescue at work in the snow.

An old car, ready to be recycled could raise anything from £10 to £200 in scrap depending on its size, condition and location, and every penny of this kind of donation could go towards the purchase of essential equipment like stretchers, climbing equipment and specialist vehicles. Not only does SMR have to purchase items like these, but they have to be maintained and safety checked on a regular basis to ensure the teams' personal safety, as well as the people they are rescuing!

Another huge cost for SMR is the specialist training their volunteers need, covering areas such as First Aid, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and Avalanche Rescue as well as many other areas of their work.

A donated old car with a little more life left in it could perhaps be auctioned for SMR and raise several hundred pounds, or more, and make a significant contribution towards these essential training courses.

Some of the Scottish Mountain Rescue team with one of their helicopters.

So, you can see how useful an old car donation could be to SMR, and maybe even some of our Charity Car followers?! - It dawned on the Charity Car team, that come these (hopefully!) warmer months, many enthusiastic fundraisers across the UK will take it upon themselves to tackle some of Scotland's tallest peaks with some sponsored mountain climbing. While the tallest mountain in the rest of the UK is 1085m, Scotland is home to 57 peaks higher than Snowdon in Wales... so the most ambitious climbers may well be heading North to raise money.

We take our hat off to these brave fundraisers, but obviously urge anyone taking on such a huge challenge to take professional advice and be fully prepared. While we hope they won't be needed, if you find yourself in trouble on the mountains in Scotland, call 999, ask for the Police and then Mountain Rescue.

And if you ever do have to use SMR, we hope you'll remember them when you have an old car to donate and maybe your old wheels could help save a life!

To find out more about this amazing charity and donate your car, visit the SMR page on the Charity Car website.

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