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Posted on 01 April 2019 by Charity Car

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The Charity Car Team is particularly proud to announce Parkinson's UK is our Partner of the Month for April 2019... We have to admit, while we'd all heard of Parkinson's, and most of us know someone with the condition before this charity joined our scheme far less of us actually understood how it truly affects people and their families.

Parkinson's is a progressive neurological condition, that means it causes problems in the brain and gets worse over time. There are about 145,000 people in the UK diagnosed with the condition right now, and every hour, two more people across the country are told they have Parkinson's.
Everyone with Parkinson's will experience different symptoms, but the main three are tremors, stiffness, and slowness of movement. Some people also have problems with sleep, memory, and mental health issues. Not only can people experience different symptoms but the order in which they appear and the way they progress can vary hugely from person to person. That, of course, means support and treatment has to be tailored to every individual and that's where Parkinson's UK does an amazing job.

Charity Car Partner Of The Month - Parkinson's UK

Here at Charity Car, we're keen to help this important charity raise awareness of Parkinson's and of course let everyone know that an old car donation could help fund the charity's work. We'll all be donning blue on April 11th for World Parkinson's Day - do join us on social media if you can (double points if you have a blue car in the photo too!) - and if any of you want to get more involved in the day there's plenty of events going on across the country, from coffee mornings and quizzes to sponsored events.
Day-to-day there are local groups throughout the UK that meet to give emotional and practical support to those who have Parkinson's, their family members, carers and even health and social care professionals. There are around 365 of these groups across the country, all run by volunteers, usually with personal experience of Parkinson's, and they provide the opportunity for people to talk to each other and discuss any worries, or hear invited speakers such as healthcare specialists or complementary therapists. An old car donation could help fund these important groups, which are all supported by Parkinson's UK. A member of the Charity Car team knows the organisers of a local Parkinson's group, and as one of the most welcoming, friendly, genuine and supportive families they have ever met, we know that this and the hundreds of other groups across the UK must provide invaluable support to anyone dealing with Parkinson's.

Parkinson's UK - Join Us Banner

Vital funds are needed to run Parkinson's UK's national helpline and the UK-wide network of Parkinson's local advisers who have a wealth of knowledge to help people with everything from advice after diagnosis, emotional support and tips on day-to-day living, through to navigating the benefits process and employment issues. Both these services are so important and an old car donation could help keep them running. An average scrap car donation could pay for four hours worth of tailored advice over the telephone to people with Parkinson's, or for a trained Local Advisor to attend a local clinic for a half a day to answer enquiries. 
Of course, a huge part of Parkinson's UK's work is the vital research it funds: “We are currently funding around 50 research projects into all aspects of Parkinson's, from genetics to gut bacteria, stem cells to sleep. Alongside our ground-breaking research to develop better treatments and a cure, we also fund research to improve quality of life.”

You can find out everything about Parkinson's ground-breaking research on their website:
To put it into perspective, Parkinson’s UK spends more than £5 million a year on research to find new and better treatments for Parkinson’s. Because we're always thinking about what an old car donation can achieve... here's what your old wheels, specifically an average scrap car donation, translates into:

  • Funding for a PhD studentship for a day, ensuring future researchers have the skills they need to develop new and better treatments for Parkinson's.
  • Funding for four people to take an advanced smell test, to help researchers test the theory that loss of a sense of smell is a precursor to Parkinson’s.
  • Funding a clinical researcher for a day, allowing new Parkinson’s treatments to be tested and better diagnostic techniques to be developed. 

They all sound like good trade-ins to us!

Parkinson's UK is driving better care, treatments, and quality of life.

They had us at 'driving'... and we at Charity Car want to help this amazing charity ensure no one has to face Parkinson's alone. 

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