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Posted on 01 July 2019 by Charity Car

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The Charity Car team loves learning more about our charity partners and the National Coastwatch Institution (NCI) is one of those surprising organisations we take for granted. We didn't realise how many people across the country are helping to keep our coasts safe all year round!

Accidents will always happen at sea and along coastlines, but wherever there is an NCI station, a watchkeeper will be looking out for danger and ensuring your safety. So, not only are we proud to have the NCI as our Official Partner of the month for July, we're also excited to tell you just a little bit more about this fantastic charity and how your old car donations can help...

National Coastwatch Association Logo

NCI is an entirely voluntary organisation, providing the eyes and ears along the UK's shores with around 250,000 hours of coastal surveillance every year, at no cost to the public! There are currently 54 NCI stations operational around the British Isles, from Rossall Point in the North West, through Wales, to the South and East of England, to Hornsea in the East Riding of Yorkshire in the North East. Over 2400 volunteers keep watch and monitor radio channels - providing a listening watch even in poor visibility, which as you can imagine is a frequent occurrence in the wonderful British weather!
Old car donations can help keep this essential service running by helping to fund new equipment, provide essential training to watchkeepers and even help to fund new stations around the UK coastline. Wherever your donations are directed they will help to keep fishermen, holiday-makers, sports enthusiasts and every other person using our shorelines safe.

A few of the Charity Car team had to admit they'd wondered why technology hadn't taken over this service, but as soon as we talked to NCI we realised that while high-tech equipment has undoubtedly made the seas safer, it is no substitute for a pair of human eyes... A computer can't spot a distress flare, an overturned boat, a yachtsman, fisherman, or bather in trouble, a water sports enthusiast in difficulty, or even pollution incidents. That is why the NCI's lookouts and watchkeepers are vital to all those who use our coastal waters, footpaths and coastline, and why old car donations are needed - to help keep this 'live' service running.

NCI on watch, and training a new recruit.

Surveillance work is mainly routine but watchkeepers are trained to deal with emergencies, report to the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) and co-ordinate with the search and rescue services. As an emergency contact point on land for both sea and shore users, NCI stations are invaluable.

Watchkeepers also provide another useful service - by monitoring weather and sea conditions, yachtsmen and fishermen or even watersport enthusiasts can use this information to make decisions before they head out to sea, which reduces the need for MCA and RNLI responses.

This all just gives you a snippet of the invaluable work the NCI does and we're sure it's enough to understand how important the service is and why the NCI deserves your support and of course your old car donations!

While we are keeping our eyes on the NCI over July, you can be sure this amazing charity is keeping a visual watch for us on our shorelines and keeping everyone safe. Thank you NCI and your amazing watchkeepers!


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