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Posted on 02 May 2017 by Charity Car

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MAY we say, welcome to our new Charity Car Partner of the Month, CLASP. Or to give you the charity's full title - The Counselling Life Advice Suicide Prevention Charity.

CLASP is in fact the first charity in the UK focused solely on confronting the stigma of Mental & Stress related illness, Emotional Life Traumas & Suicide.

The media is steadily covering more mental illness stories, mostly thanks to celebrities opening up about their own issues. So at last the stigma related to this all-too-common condition is being challenged. With 1 in 4 people suffering mental illness in the UK and depression more rife than the common cold, it's about time.

Charity Car has been proud to display CLASP as a partner for several months now and we are delighted to have them as our Partner of the Month for May - marking Mental Health Awareness week later this month and giving as much focus as we can to this cause.

CLASP supporters

Obviously our main hope is that you will help us to spread the word about our donation method to assist CLASP in its work. An old car donated to CLASP could help to fund a national emergency helpline for those in despair or contemplating suicide, or targeted counselling for people suffering; domestic violence, financial stress, sexual abuse and suicidal thoughts. A huge part of CLASP's work is also to stage events across the UK to raise awareness and tackle the powerfully isolating effect of stigma that plagues so many people needing support. Founder of CLASP - Kenny Johnston - is an inspiring and enthusiastic drive behind the charity, working with every relevant organisation from the Medical Advisory Service, NHS 111 service and local Councils to implement change and really make a difference.

The end result of all this work should be a society with greater understanding and acceptance of mental illness and emotional disturbance, where subjects are discussed openly and without shame or stigma, and where suicide (which according to the Office of National Statistics was as high as 6,000 people in 2013 suicide - that's 1 every 90 minutes) becomes a thing of the past. What an incredible end for an old car if it could help to make that change.

You can donate old cars to CLASP via the Charity Car website. 

CLASP's awareness events that we mentioned are key to the charity's success and there are two coming up... The Walking Out of Darkness 10 miles [] are an amazing movement giving everyone an opportunity to walk together in support and unity for anyone suffering from Mental Health Difficulties or those who have lost loved ones by suicide. These special events, supported by Public Health England, will take place on 6th May in Birmingham and 13th May in London, book-ending Mental Health Awareness week. It's not too late to register and you are welcome to fundraise for any UK mental health charity.

Here's two supporters who are looking forward to Walking Out of Darkness again this year:

CLASP believes "Together we can make a Difference, we can increase Awareness, we can end the Stigma & we can Save Lives!"

The Charity Car team hopes May's awareness events make a big difference and of course that we can pass on plenty of car donations to this worthy cause and see CLASP's vision become a reality.

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