HOT NEWS - Cool Earth is Partner of the Month!

Posted on 03 July 2017 by Charity Car

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It seems a little odd to be announcing Cool Earth as Charity Car's Partner of the Month when much of the UK has felt anything but cool in recent weeks... but with climate change, maybe it's even more fitting!

The Charity Car team is delighted to have Cool Earth as an Official Partner, and not only that, we can take the opportunity to wish them a very happy birthday... HAPPY 10th BIRTH-YAY COOL EARTH!

And Cool Earth has much to celebrate... Over the years we've seen this innovative charity make significant advances in protecting the rainforest. In fact they've given us the key - keeping the rainforest standing is the simplest and cheapest way to mitigate climate change. However, we are destroying the world's rainforest at a faster rate than ever, with half of this precious ecosystem disappearing in the last 40 years.

So, Cool Earth is asking us all to join their 'Rainforest Revolution'...

...and we're asking you to support them further by spreading the word about old car donations via Charity Car to help this truly vital cause.

Supporting Cool Earth with your action, and hopefully your old car, means you can help them to halt rainforest destruction for good. The charity has found a revolutionary way to achieve that... aligning the future of the rainforest with the people best placed to protect it - the indigenous villagers that rely on it for their own survival. Simply, putting people not trees first.

We know this approach works because Cool Earth, working with these communities, has already saved 642,311 acres of this essential forest, which produces 48,815,636,000 litres of water every year... yes, we had trouble reading that number too!

Rather than buying land or putting up fences, Cool Earth puts the people who know the rainforest the best at the heart of the process. They rely on their home for food, clothing, medicine, water and even their identity. So Cool Earth focuses on their existence, from growing livelihoods and increasing household income to improving healthcare; ensuring these communities can lead happier, healthier lives, all while saving the rainforest.

Girl climbs a tree in the rainforest. Photo from Cool Earth charity

Here in the Charity Car office we consider ourselves pretty environmentally aware - if you know about us already you'll know that the cars we recycle are done so to high standards - ensuring cars are de-polluted responsibly and 95% of the entire vehicle is recycled, minimising landfill. But we have to admit, while we knew the rainforest was important to the world's 'health' the facts really shocked us. If you've been wondering why the rainforest matters so much, consider this:
Rainforest generates a fifth of the world's oxygen, a fifth of the world's fresh water and two thirds of all biodiversity, 99% of which hasn't even been studied yet.

So, not only do we, wherever we are in the world, depend on rainforest, but 350 million people call the rainforests home, with a further 1.6 billion people depending on them for their livelihoods... And we're back to people.

Together - that's you, your family and friends, Charity Car and Cool Earth - we can revolutionise rainforest conservation and change lives forever. Let's do it this month. Start a Rainforest Revolution with your voice and your email and hopefully your old car. What a way to mark ten years of Cool Earth.

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