Happy New Year! A fresh start, the Deki way...

Posted on 02 January 2019 by Charity Car

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Every member of the Charity Car team agrees that however you've celebrated Christmas, or the end of one year, the start of the next year is an exciting prospect. We're not going to start the annoying 'New Year resolutions' lists because let's face it, few of them stick! But, this is undoubtedly the best timing to start things afresh and maybe take on a new challenge or a different way of thinking.

One of Charity Car's Official Partners has an innovative way of supporting people in developing countries and gives them the ultimate fresh start. So who better to be our Partner of the Month for January 2019 than Deki!

Charity Car Partner Deki

We hope you've heard of this amazing charity, but if you haven't, here's a really quick explanation of the ground-breaking work its doing to fulfil its vision: a world full of opportunity not poverty.

Deki works with Field Partners in Ghana, Togo and Uganda helping to provide small scale loans to traditionally ‘un-bankable’ entrepreneurs who would otherwise lack access to financial resources. Deki loans are generated through its innovative peer-to-peer lending website and focus on small loans, where other international charities and micro finance organisations may not offer assistance. 

But its not just money that people need. Deki's success is down to its commitment to ensure loans are successful in the long term. Through its local Field Partners, who are equally passionate about change, the charity provides the highest quality social and business training to maximise people's chances of success. A very high percentage of Deki's entrepreneurs taking loans, especially women, will have had no opportunity to go to school and may not be able to read and write, so training will cover everything they need to make their business bloom, including business, economic, social, welfare and even health guidance.

Kasese women

You can see a few inspirational Deki success stories here - the Charity Car team found them addictive reading!

Now you may be keen to set up one of these amazing loans yourself, and if you do, that is fantastic - visit Deki's website and you'll find all you need to know right there - they will be so pleased to hear from you. But if you don't have the money available to loan right now and you do have an old car at the end of its life, you can still enable Deki to give people a fresh start. You see, the charities model is based on passing on 100% of the loans to the entrepreneurs, with no fees or interest charged by Deki. So, your car donations to Deki would enable them to continue to pass on 100% of every vital loan. Your old wheels could help to fund Deki itself and the training and support it gives entrepreneurs to ensure they make the most out of their loan, and truly break the cycle of poverty.

Deki Uganda Bikone Young Mothers (c) Adam Dickens 2017

The Charity Car team gets very excited at the prospect of an old car donation transforming a life, and in Deki's case it could help to transform a family's life and even inspire the wider community - empowering people in the developing world to work their way out of poverty.

What an incredible fresh start and a wonderful New Year that could be!

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