Fighting poverty with your old cars

Posted on 01 March 2020 by Charity Car

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After February’s Valentine's activity you’d think we’d be all loved-out in the Charity Car office, but not so! Our Partner of the Month for March is a charity that shows how much the UK cares about people all over the globe and we definitely have some love left-over for the awesome cause that is Oxfam.

Coincidently we’re also marking an incredible milestone in your car donations to Oxfam… Which have now reached £100,000!

Since this charity joined our scheme at the end of 2012 you have generously donated hundreds of cars to Oxfam and helped to support every area of their work, tackling poverty across the globe.

Together with local partners, Oxfam works in more than 90 countries as part of the Oxfam International confederation. As Oxfam supporters, we are part of the global movement of millions of people who share the belief that, in a world rich in resources, poverty isn't inevitable. Last year alone Oxfam transformed the lives of 12.8 million people, making lasting change, and we’re so proud that your old cars have helped fund that vital work.

Children at School

It’s particularly fitting to be highlighting Oxfam this month as March is also home to the second half of Fairtrade fortnight (ending on the 8th). Oxfam pioneered Fairtrade more than 40 years ago and in 1992 co-founded the Fairtrade Foundation (with five other organisations). Fairtrade ensures a living income, which means enough money to live a simple but dignified life, paying for essentials such as clothing, medicine and school. Most would agree this is a human right. Today, 1.65 million workers worldwide are part of a certified Fairtrade scheme. - A real success story, but with more work to be done.

Of course, Fairtrade is just one of the many campaigns Oxfam has been involved with and only one of the things old car donations can help to support. A huge part of Oxfam’s work is emergency response. At any given time, Oxfam teams are responding to an average of 25 emergencies worldwide with vital services. Whether they are building shelters to protect families in crisis, supplying clean water to prevent the spread of deadly diseases, or ensuring people who've lost everything have basics such as food, soap and cooking utensils.


Funds are also essential to help Oxfam address the poverty issues increasingly related to climate change. For example, in northern Ghana, changes in the rainy season are causing crops to fail, leaving families fighting for their lives. Donations enable Oxfam to work on innovative solutions, such as drought-resistant seeds and solar-powered water pumps. So your support can help the poorest communities face the climate crisis head-on and survive today, beating poverty tomorrow.

We could write forever about all the communities Oxfam is helping across the world, but you can visit Oxfam’s website to find out more about this amazing charity. In the meantime, this month is about how you can help… There are so many things you can do including Oxfam's invite to have a clear out for donations. So, the next time you are sorting out the clothes that don’t fit, the bursting DVD shelf or the multiple mugs, be sure to think about that old car outside as well! We can turn it into a donation for Oxfam and help you fight poverty!

Here’s to a magnificent March - a successful end to Fairtrade fortnight and to lots of car donations for our phenomenal Partner of the Month Oxfam - transforming more lives across the globe.


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