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Posted on 03 December 2018 by Charity Car

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The Charity Car team feels strongly about all the causes on our scheme - from health issues to environmental crises - every charity we are partnered with has something important to fight for and deserves your donations. However, we can't hide the passion we feel for this special charity that is addressing such a simple, basic need and has been borne from the caring hearts of a few friends that wanted to make a difference in the town where they live... and now they are making national news and inspiring people across the country!

May we present, with all the festive cheer we can muster, our Charity Car Partner of the Month for December - The Lunar Project!

Charity Car Partner The Lunar Project
In 2017 a group of friends noticed more and more people living on the streets of York, so they started talking to the women to find out how they could help. They soon discovered the women were struggling to get access to simple menstrual and hygiene products but also felt too embarrassed and ashamed to ask for them.

The friends knew they could help and from that moment on, a couple of times a week, they would tour the city on their “moonwalks” distributing essential items, as well as hot drinks, soup and sweets.

This short film was created by their local BBC news team, Look North, and gives you a flavour of how the charity came to be 

Over a year later, and now a registered charity, the project has developed more efficient and effective ways to meet the needs of the women they met - distributing 80-litre pink boxes filled with fresh underwear, tampons, sanitary towels, reusable menstrual products, and incontinence pads to helping services, community centres, libraries and food banks all over the city. Anyone in need can easily, safely, and discreetly access these essential products.

The Lunar Project Pink Boxes

Of course, this innovative little charity was quick to recognise a similarly resourceful donation method and jumped on-board with Charity Car early in 2018 to become one of our Official Partners. The synergy may seem far stretched between car donations and period poverty but the average car donation generates around £100 and that is the cost of one of The Lunar Project's pink boxes! So one old car could help numerous women get through another month without having to feel embarrassed or ashamed.

Not only does the charity need to re-fill its pink boxes every month, but as the charity gains momentum, the more products it needs to provide, so donations are essential to the continuation and success of The Lunar Project. Car donations are obviously a significant help and every penny really counts!

Click here to donate your old car to The Lunar Project with Charity Car 

The charity has also expanded its essential services after hearing many people found it hard to access contact details, opening times, and addresses for services they need, as well as struggling to keep the information they did have in one place. So, The Lunar Directory was created!

This handy pocket-sized booklet (made from a thin, flexible material called polymer – the same stuff the new bank notes are made out of! - which makes them ideal for surviving rough sleeping conditions) is produced and distributed by The Lunar Project. It provides an invaluable directory of services, ranging from drug and alcohol support to domestic violence aid, and even help for pets living on the streets, as well as information for local food banks across the city of York. This enables vulnerable people to get the information and support they need fast without the need for third-party referrals. Obviously your old car donations would go a long way to help produce these superb guides and give practical help to so many people.

The Lunar Project Directory

As you can see The Lunar Project is working hard, and its grand plans include eradicating period poverty in York by 2020. While that may be possible, sadly there are many more towns and cities around the country that need this kind of service and support, so another big goal the project has is to take its concept to other areas of the UK.

All that incredible work needs to be funded, which will be a lot easier with car donations, which is where you lovely readers come in. We know that if you are a regular Charity Car visitor you've probably donated your car in the past and don't have another old car to donate (yet, anyway!) but do please spread the word amongst your friends, relatives, and colleagues about this amazing cause.

The fantastic women at The Lunar Project grouped together to make a significant difference with a simple concept, and here at Charity Car we think they not only deserve a huge amount of praise for the practical, effective and caring nature of their charity, but we'd love to see how they progress in the coming months and years. Let's start with a cracking December and hopefully lots of car donations!

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