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Posted on 02 October 2017 by Charity Car

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Our Partner of the Month for October is Afasic. Now you may not have heard of this superb charity, and here in the Charity Car office we have to be honest and say we didn't even really understand quite how vital Afasic's work is, so we hope this brief explanation puts you in the picture...

Most of us completely take it for granted that we can listen, understand and talk to others without really thinking about it. Now imagine not being able to communicate without struggling and the daily difficulties you would face. After-all, these are crucial life skills - vital for making friends, managing emotions, as well as learning and of course working. Over a million children and young people in the UK struggle to use or understand spoken language and Afasic is there to support them and their families. By addressing every aspect of communication Afasic opens up the world to children that could otherwise become isolated.

Afasic Youth Group on a day out

We are hoping this October to spread the news about this special cause and bring in as many old car donations as possible to help Afasic support even more families. In fact, we are hoping to help kick off Afasic's celebration's early as they are soon to be marking 50 Years of Helping Children Communicate. What a huge milestone to reach! A huge congratulations in advance from the whole Charity Car team!

But back to the people that matter - the young people with SLCN. That stands for Speech, Language and Communication Needs and it's the umbrella term most commonly used to describe these communication difficulties. SLCN can occur as a result of hearing loss, general developmental needs or as part of a disability or medical syndrome. SLCN is actually quite common, affecting around 10% of children starting school. That is 2-3 children in every classroom and they may all be under a general term, but each child may only have difficulty with one area of communication or a combination. And each child will have a unique combination of strengths. Consequently the support needed is different in every case and that's where Afasic's knowledge, understanding and experience provides vital help and support.

An old car donation could help fund the training and activities that Afasic have developed over years to give effective help to children and their families. From Afasic's specialist helpline for parents, information downloads, a fancy new app, drop-in clinics and workshops, as well as training material for professionals, transition courses for children facing the huge move to secondary school and fun youth clubs to support children with ongoing communication problems. An average recycled car could enable a young person to attend a specialist Afasic youth club for a month, or pay for a child to attend a fun Afasic activity day and help reduce their social isolation.

Youth Group activity day

During this month Afasic will be running a range of special training and information events for parents across England and Wales, including Makaton sign language courses, how to help a child with talking and understanding, and selective mutism. You can find more information on their website.

So why is all this work worthwhile? Children and young people say that they sometimes feel angry, frustrated and distressed if others don’t understand them or don’t take the time to listen. Long term there can be more serious effects - on education success, in work and even on health. These children could also struggle to develop independence or make and maintain social relationships. All of these things are simple parts of a normal life and what everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy.

Afasic aim to reduce the impact of SLCN for all children and young people who are struggling, and your old car donations could help ensure these children get the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Find out more and donate your car to Afasic with Charity Car FInd out about Afasic and donate your car

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