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Posted on 01 November 2019 by Charity Car

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There are always numerous good causes that need support, but this November we wanted to highlight a charity that could easily be over-looked without realising the valuable work they are doing for the UK’s youth…

Shakespeare Schools Foundation

Shakespeare Schools Foundation (SSF) is an award-winning, cultural education charity that works with young people to develop the confidence and skills they need to succeed in life, with staggering results!

Key to the charity’s transformative work is the annual drama festival they run involving thousands of pupils from a diverse range of communities, backgrounds and types of school. It’s impressively the world’s largest youth drama festival and held right here in the UK! Your old car donations could help to support the next eight-month project that takes teachers and their students from page to stage with their choice of condensed Shakespeare plays.

Children at Carlton House

What’s incredible to learn is the effect this experience has on all that take part. The festival has been proven to change young people’s attitude to life; with students growing in curiosity, empathy, pride and ambition. After last year’s SSF Festival 99% of the teachers involved agreed their students' confidence increased and 95% said their students were more ambitious. Our team was so delighted SSF joined Charity Car; to enable its supporters to donate old cars to fund their work, and are excited to share the results of this charity’s work.

This year’s festival is well underway with performances taking place across the UK in 120 professional theatres, giving 20,000 children and young people the confidence that all the world is their stage!

The festival is totally inclusive and SSF ensures the experience is made available for those from disadvantaged backgrounds and for those with special educational needs. It’s been shown that children from low income backgrounds who take part in arts activities in school are three times more likely to get a degree, twice as likely to volunteer and 20% more likely to vote. Again, the results are unarguably positive.

Children in a play

This all sounds fantastic, but we think we can guess what you may still be wondering, and it’s a question the Charity Car team was quick to ask… Why Shakespeare?

The answer is actually quite obvious when you think about it and why SSF’s projects are so effective – it’s tackling an aspirational project that helps give young people the huge confidence they gain, exceeding their own expectations. Using difficult texts in professional theatres makes their learning ambitious. Shakespeare's works also embrace diverse characters, styles and stories, making them relevant to all (with a little help from the SSF team!). Most importantly, Shakespeare's characters can be fun, terrifying, hilarious and deeply moving - teaching everyone involved what it means to be human.

After last year’s festival 81% of students said that they found it easier to understand how people feel, and 98% of teachers said their students were more able to express themselves. That’s the result of using the stories, situations and characters they tackled, as well as the preparation and teamwork that takes place leading up to performances.

Young people performing on stage


Your old car donation could go towards the running of this fantastic program and give more children this incredible experience. It’s pretty amazing to think an old car at the end of its life could help SSF give the young people involved confidence and self-esteem that lasts a lifetime - enough to even change their path in life.

Although it’s the bigger picture and the long lasting effect of these projects that’s impressed us, the Charity Car team loves this quote from a student participant, and we think they should have the last word: "I really enjoyed the Shakespeare Festival because it felt like I had just conquered the world. It was the best day of my life!"

You can find out more about donating your old car to this fantastic cause here:

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